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British Columbia

Finding a Home

Me and my family have never had a home. We have always lived on the streets. I got my first job when I was ten. I hated it. Then when I was fifteen my life turned for the worse! There was a giant drug epidemic. After that I heard sirens every night. It was scary. I never did
drugs, but most of my friends did them. That is why I ran away – to get away. Some friends let me live with them for a while. They helped a lot…they lived in a good neighbourhood and let me go to their school . I made a ton of friends. I learned what four to the power of eight is (it is 65536) and I can drive a car!!
The sad thing. Is that I never saw my mom and dad again. When I was looking for them I went to the police station and asked the officer if he had seen them and he said “they died five weeks ago, why??” I didn’t say anything, just ran to my new HOME.