Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home

There’s a house in the town
With no one inside
But when you walk through the door
The house comes alive
With days long gone
But they live on
With thoughts of the past
The memories so fond

Even when we’ve moved on
When we have our own lives to live
That house is still our home
It has so much to give
The words that we said
The meals that we share
The things that we do
They all happen there

Home is important
When you don’t have one
It makes you feel
As if you have no one
Nowhere to turn
Nowhere to go
But that can be changed
Here’s what you should know

There’s always a way
You shouldn’t feel down
With hard work and some help
You can turn things around
But you can’t always
Take this path alone
You need help from your friends
So you don’t wander off-road

They´ll get you back on your feet
Try to get you on track
No matter what
They have your back
That’s what home is like
Where you´re always cared for
Where you feel secure
Like you need nothing more

To anyone who feels
That nothing is fair
That happiness is
Really quite rare
Remember these things
They are always true
If it doesn’t feel so
Look deeper, you´ll see through

Remember to stay positive
Giving up shouldn’t be what you choose
You must fight for your home
It’s a fight that, with help, you´ll never lose
Remember that home
Is waiting for you
It’s calling out
And it will always stay true