Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

Feeling of Home

Feeling Of Home

What does the meaning of home feel like to you? This is what it feels like to me.

A meaning of home to me is family. First reason is that I feel safe with them wherever I go and have been with them. A second reason is because they are caring and are always there when I need them. And lastly because we make stuff together, read books, art and more. That is why my family feels like home.

Another feeling of home to me is memories. There are memories that feel like home to me in Newfoundland, the place where my family grew up. To begin is when we went fishing for cod in the ocean. We go every year, it’s always fun and competitive to see who will catch the biggest fish. Next is when we go snowmobiling to the frozen water to make holes in the ice to go fishing for trout, and making campfires to have lunch or snack. Lastly is when we go out swimming and skipping rocks out on the beach, Where we have a competition who has the most hops. These are why my memories of Newfoundland feel like home.

I have more memories that feel like home in Nova Scotia. Its the place where I have and still am growing up. To start with is that its where I have learned to skate where I learned to throw a baseball and where I learned to ride a bike. Another reason is that its where my family and friends are, its where I feel most at home. Finally its where I play sports and where I learned to write and read where I learned to walk and talk. This is why Nova Scotia feels like home to me.

The memories, the people, the learning moments in time. This is the meaning of home…