Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Feeling of Home

Home to me is a safe quiet place where everyone has fun. My home is warm and comfortable. I can come home and see my mom, dad and sister. We love to play games at the table with each other. If I am having a rough day, I can come home to my cat and have a rest with him on the couch and watch T.V.

Sometimes being at home can be rough, but my family always cheers me up. Everyday, I get to go to school and see my friends and every break, I get to have fun outside.

Home has somewhere to sleep. Home has its own scent to it, the smell that is familiar. Home is where you can bring friends, you can have sleepovers and play days or even hangouts. Everyone should feel welcome and safe. You should not feel harmed in your own home.

Home is relaxing, where you can just have fun with your family. My sister and I like to take the cat on a walk sometimes just in our backyard. Sometimes my sister and I even like to play games with each other, even if we don’t get along. We work it out in the end, Sometimes we don’t but tomorrow’s a new day for a new start.

Home is not just a word, it’s something many people treasure. My home is the world to me and I am very grateful to be living in it. I live in a great community with an amazing family. Home impacts my life in a huge way and I wish that everyone could have this feeling of home.