Grade 5


Feeling of Home

Home is my light,
The feeling of peace.
When I’m there it’s bright,
My memories are near.

My family is my home,
My mom, sister, dad.
The feeling of love,
Don’t you know that.

I know how it’s like,
To be far from home.
It feels lost, lonely, sad,
Like stuck in the unknown.

At home I feel safe,
The feeling of fun.
We’ll tell scary stories,
And then we will run.

Always when I come from school,
It feels warm at home.
Home is where it’s always warm,
And outside is a little more cool.

When I’m at home,
I feel happy, safe, very glad.
But when I’m not,
I feel lonely and sad.

You remember those moments,
To bake cake, play some games, sing along.
It is everywhere!
The feelings go through your body like a song.

Home is where the heart lives,
The feeling of life.
Remember all the memories!
And everything it gives.