Grade 5


Feeling Home

Feeling Home
By, Valery

Home to me is much more than just a house or food. To me, home is love, home is freedom, home is a place where you can feel safe, and joyful. Home is a place where you can slow down, and ignore the real world. Home is a place where you forget about your worries, losses and unhappiness. This is why I think that everyone, no matter how poor or rich, how big or small, how old or young , should have a home.

Everyone should have a home, everyone should have somewhere to be loved, everyone should have a place to feel free, away from all the pressure of the world, without any interruptions. Home lets you celebrate, and talk to your family peacefully. Home keeps you emotionally safe. Whether you’re happy or sad, angry or frightened, excited or bored, home can and will, keep you safe in every way. I have always had a home which is why I really hope, no matter how long it takes, that everyone will have their own home someday.