Grade 4

Happy Valley Goose Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador

Favourite Home ever!

Home mean’s it keeps me safe and
warm and clean. It gives me all
of my food and it puts my toys in a good place.

My home is safe. It also keeps me
safe. It protects me and my family
from bad things and it’s a safe place!

My home takes care of all my toys
and all my dogs and my little sisters
toys too!. It keeps all the toys safe!

My home keeps all of my food
clean and safe from other things.
It also makes my food good to
eat instead of rotting so we have a

My home keeps me clean that’s why we
have a shower everyday. That’s why
we are so clean. And my home also
keeps me warm form all the
coldness. It gives us a heater and blankets!

Well that’s our home you see it
keeps me safe, it stores all of my
food in a good place, it puts my
toys in a great place and it makes
me warm and very clean well that’s
it for my favourtie Home Ever story!