Grade 6


Far Away From Home

A home is not a house, a house is just made out of wood and paint but a home is built out of memories, love and laughter. In a home you will always continue to make memories, a house doesn’t make memories like a home does. When you scratch a wall in a house it doesn’t matter but in a home, that will always remind you of that time. A house may fall down but a home will never because a home becomes stronger, when you kick the wall because it’s Monday or by stubbing your toe in the dark.
When you get back from school and you walk into your home you can smell the fresh, sweet cinnamon buns. You throw your bag on the rustic wood floors, and a great big German shepherd comes running up and jumps on you with her wet kisses. Then when you go to your bed you can lay down on the soft, warm bed. No matter how far away, you will always be close to home.