Grade 4


Family Makes My House a Home

To me, ‘home’ means family and I believe that everyone deserves both. As Billy Graham says,’’The secret of a happy home is that members of the family learn to give and receive love’’. Habitat for Humanity is a group of people that help build houses and support families in need, to create the true meaning of ‘home’

Home is not just 4 walls and a roof. Habitat for Humanity provides shelter, which is our most basic need, according to Maslow. Shelter gives us the opportunity to meet our other needs, like love, safety and belonging.

Home is ‘home’ because my family is always loving me each second of the day no matter what. For instance, if I broke a window my family would still love me because in our family our motto is, “accidents happen and everyone deserves forgiveness”.

Secondly, I feel safe and protected by the people I love with something as simple as a daily hug. Those hugs make me feel warm and protected, just like a home should protect you and make you feel safe.

I love those moments at home when we are laughing, all together as one big family. My brother and I love to tell funny stories or jokes like, “Why did the house go to the doctor? A:Because it had a window pane/pain!” We laugh a lot at our home and it is a very happy and caring place to belong.

In conclusion, I feel my family is what makes my house a home. My family makes my house a loving, welcoming and understanding place to call HOME. Every child and family deserves a safe space that they call home, a place where they belong. As Beau Taplin says, “Home is not where you are from it’s where you belong.’’