Grade 6

British Columbia

Family is Home

A house is not called a home until it has a family to live in it. If a house did not have a family, it would be like a beehive without any bees. You fill a home with memories from the joyful parts of your life and the sad moments to help you love the cheerful times even more. You fill it with the tears of when you are sad and the tears of when you are filled with joy. Home is where you go when you have had a difficult day, and home is where you are happy dancing to your favourite songs. It does not matter where you live you could live in an apartment, a car and even a mansion, if you have your family and you, then there it is home. Many people forget to be thankful for what they have because for multiple people they do not have things like coming home from school to a big hug or snuggling on the couch with your family watching a movie, yet they are more thankful than most people who do have nice things. Home is where you live no matter where it is, home is your family, and your family is your home.