Grade 4


Family is Home

The word, “home” can mean many different things to different people.
To me, it means the people I am grateful to share it with.

My dad has to work all day, every day,
So he never really has time to play.
My sister is a lot of fun,
We love to play outside in the sun!
I really love my sister Lainey,
But sometimes she’s annoying so I call her Painey.
We love to laugh and play together;
She will be my best friend forever.
My mom spends a lot of time with me
When I’m with her I feel so free.
We go to the beach, we play in the sand,
I love to give a helping hand.
My family is what I really love
I feel luckier than I ever dreamed of.
If I did not have a house,
I would feel like a lost, lonely mouse,
With no protective roof over my head,
Without a warm and cozy bed,
No clothes for playing dress up
Not even a pink drinking cup.
This is the meaning of home to me
It’s as good as it will ever be!