Grade 5


Family is Home

Just thinking of my warm and cozy home makes me feel content. I have a loving and caring family. I have parents who respect my choices, and I can rely on them to help me with anything I need. I have two nice-hearted sisters who will cheer for me, even if I don’t believe in myself. My cute dog will play with me if I’m sad. Sometimes my dog and I will sit down by my fireplace and watch T.V.

A home is where family and friends can come over to relax and not worry about being different. My family can share their memories with me. I can talk about my troubles to my family and friends and they will support me at any cost. My parents respect me by letting me do what my heart desires.

My neighbours are very helpful too. This one time my neighbours mowed the lawn for my dad, since he couldn’t because of his leg, and they shoveled the driveway for us. I wish all people had a home like my family and I.