Grade 5


Family and Home

Without family, I have no home. Home is not four walls and a roof. Home is love, protection and belonging.

At home I am loved and when I am loved I feel at home. Love is around me when me and my family snuggle in a cozy bed. I feel loved as my dog licks my face until it is completely clean. Home is getting hugged so tightly that my eyes pop out. Home should not be lonely, dark nor missing love. Home is love.

Family is protection because my family loves me so. I am protected when my mom turns into a monster when mean things want to hurt me. Protection is when my parents stop what they are doing to help me. I am protected when my mom stays on guard when I am sleeping. At home
nothing can hurt me.

At home I belong to my weird family. I belong as me and my family have extraordinary fun tickle fights. When I’m getting away from doing the dishes I belong. Reading all day on a weekend I belong.

I have all these things but some people do not. Some people don’t have family which means they have no love, protection or belonging. But habitat for humanity does not want people to feel that way. They want to stop that. They want people to feel good about themselves. And I am happy that I can help.