Grade 6

British Columbia

Fairy Tales

To the world, she was a lost cause, a broken girl with a matching broken home. To her, she was a warrior. But tonight, she lay in the mud, the rain pounding relentlessly against her and her tattered and torn coat. A month ago, she’d been sick, an illness that had followed her for over a year, and she knew why, mold in her room caused it, and yet no one would help her. Afterall, nobody listened to a nobody.
She remembered the night she had ran away from it all, from those who’d hurt her, from those who thought she was nothing, there’d been another wretched fight, a big one, and while her family slept, she ran, disappearing under the cover of darkness. And even as the cold and the rain nipped at her body, tearing through clothes and skin, striking her down to her bones, she didn’t regret running, she wasn’t afraid of it anymore. Just like now she no longer feared her death.
Slowly, she let out a shaky breath, curling in on herself and trying to cover herself with the ruined coat, and that’s when it happened, light fell upon her. Suddenly alert, she uncoiled slightly, her eyes scanning the area around her…. a boy, a boy with light brown hair, pale skin and green eyes stared down at her, his coat zipped close and a flashlight in his hands. He was the polar opposite of her, she had dark hair, brown eyes to match and her skin was caked in mud and dirt, plus he looked healthy.
“H-hello…?” he said, slowly kneeling down to her level, he looked frightened, scared of her.
“Help…” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. Almost immediately, he reached out his hand, offering it to help her up.
Then that voice, her own voice, in her head said,’ He doesn’t care about you, you’ll just be a burden’ and for the first time in forever, she didn’t listen. Slowly, she raised her muddy, shaky, hand, taking it in his and he slowly helped her up. He let her lean against him as he slowly took off his coat, exposing him to the cold, and carefully wrapped it around her, “Let’s get you some help” was the last thing the girl heard before the world turned to darkness.
She should be dead, she knew that with every fiber of her being, and yet when the light came, she was given back the world.
Her head was pounding, every inch of her body aching as the world around her slowly came into focus. Bed, she was in a bed, a clean white bed. Slowly, she tried to sit up, only for a wave of nausea to slam into her, forcing her back down.
“Hey, are you awake?” A kind and gentle voice asked her, in response, she groaned, putting a hand above her head,” H-here…” in the corner of her eye she saw him, the boy, lean over, pressing a button on the side of her bed and raising her head up. Yes, she was in a hospital room, a clean white hospital gown has been placed on her and she was alone besides the boy.
“W-who are you…?” she managed out, her voice raspy.
The boy smiled, reaching for something to his side, he brought his hand up, bringing her a cup and handing it to her,” Drink and I’ll explain” he said softly.
She nodded slowly, taking small sips of water.
“Alright so” the boy began,” My name is James, I’m an orphan from The Country Side Home,” the boy, James apparently, paused for a moment.
“The Country Side Home?” she echoed quietly.
“An orphanage” James confirmed,“So, who exactly are you?” he asked, she froze in response.
“M-my name is May…” she began quietly,” I-I sort of…r-ran away from my home…” she could see the look on James’s face, quickly, she waved her hands in front of her head in dismissal,” I-I just couldn’t stay there a-and I won’t go back!” May raised her voice slightly.
James nodded,” That…makes sense, there are people, our people, who can help you… If you’ll let us…”
May considered it for a moment, pondering the thoughts of going back to her home, and then, she nodded,” Please”
And there we have it, months after this the girl had a home, the boy had her, and he did something she thought no one ever would, he taught her the meaning of home.
Because, you see, not all of us grow up in fairy tales, not all of us are taught the meaning of home, but together, maybe we can be like May and James. Together, we can make a broken story into a fairy tale.