Grade 4


Everything Good About Home

Everything Good About Home
by Sipan Ghelaney
Home is amazing and so blazing warm that I would rather have a home instead of being famous with family and some beautiful faces. I have a bed but it does not have to be red. It has so many memories.

When I fled to Iran I wanted to be back home because it’s like my private dome. For me it feels so big, like it’s Rome, or a bird’s nest so I can rest.

Full of family, I need to be grateful. So many good things, we need everybody to have a home, and a pet lynx. Okay I’m getting carried away, I am just trying to say “everybody needs home.” I’m not making any sense, yes I have memories because of home, without it I’d be shocked like a stone.

Everybody needs home, people! Everybody moves sometimes, and don’t get used to it, but it’s okay because they at least are home. The couches are as soft as foam, you can let your emotions out, or act goofy and poofy. Be happy with your family. Eating, some of it tastes really good. It could be privacy, if you need it you can just leave.

And say “Don’t mind me!” So I hope you know the lesson.