Grade 6

British Columbia

Everyone Should Have a House to Call Home

Everyone Should Have a House to Call Home
Home is where you feel love, comfort, success.
And you should feel safe.
Back to the meaning of home, I love my family.
I also love to be with my family, our home is
Thought to be very nice and it is very nice.
Anyway I think a home should have food,
Tv, love, pets, family, comfort, success but it should have
Food mostly, same with family and love.
Oh I almost forgot about how I appreciate
Running, I’m grateful that I can walk.
Habitat for Humanity is such a nice organization.
Up there in the first sentence same with sixth and seventh.
Maybe I wrote too much? I love being at,
A structured home that is safe and I like having a
Nice roof over my head.
I think that everybody should have a home. So I’m going to
Try my best to help out.
You, me, everybody should have a home!