Grade 5


Everyone Should Have a Home

I stand firm in front of a place,
Where I can freely roam.
You might be wondering, what is it?
It’s a great place that I call home!

I see the frame of my new home.
Looks like a place to put a throne.
My parent’s hard work pays back,
And now, we got ourselves a lovely new home.

The couches here feel like foam,
Such a spacious space to run and roam.
Finally, have something so great to own.
I had never known; I would get such a great home!

Everyone in the world though
Should have a home.
But, many have no home to own
And without home, they feel all alone.

Sadly, they have nowhere to roam.
Without home they feel out of tone.
Unfortunately, many people without a home
Have to sleep on a bare stone.

Oh God! Everyone deserves a home!
So, no one sleeps out or on a stone.
Just as I love my new home
They would also love their home!
God, please listen, my tone
So demoralizing and gloomy.
And, award everyone, a home.