Grade 4

Mount Uniacke
Nova Scotia

Everyone should have a home

Home is…loud or lazy or maybe crazy.
When I get home my house gets crazy all because of
My dog teddy.
Home is clean or dirty and sometimes smelly.
My home is special to me but
People always want money so many people have to live in a smelly alley way all because
They don’t have money.
Home is safe or dangerous or maybe destroyed. Everyone should be
safe in their homes.
My family protects me and my home protects them. Homes protects us
From blizzards and hurricanes and keeps us warm. It’s sad to think how people with no home
survive hurricanes and crucial cold in canada and also how will they stay warm it must be really
Hard. But I’m glad that I now know what habitat for humanity does.
They help people in need and
Build homes for people.
I don’t care if I win it’s still a win for me because I will give $10 to
habitat for humanity and little things make big changes.