Grade 5

Parry Sound


Everyone needs a home.

To know that they aren’t alone

Yet millions of people are cast away.

Nobody gives them a second glance each day.

I cannot stand this, I can’t.

And I shan’t.

Everyone, big and small, needs a home.

You have a home. I do too.

It is everything you need it to do.

I think a home is your place, where you raise your son or daughter.

Perhaps in a cupboard (if you’re Harry Potter).

It is a shelter. A place where you can curl up by a fire.

A place to be out of the chaos, where nobody calls you a liar.

A “Home”-such a beautiful name.

Put it to good use, before you go down in shame.

You grow up in a home. It’s where memories are born.

When you leave, new ones sprout, out of old memories worn.

A home is like a flower, it never really dies.

it shoots up from the ashes and you let it rise.