Grade 4


Everyone Needs a Home

Everyone Needs a Home Bentley Lachman

Everyone needs a home and here’s what I do at mine. When I get home I watch some tv with my mom and dad. And later I go to bed and when I wake up I get dressed and later I go to school. Me and my brothers go on the bus together and we play games when we get home. We go to bed at 8:00 pm. Our mom walks us to the bus. We get to school late and me and my brothers get mad because we forgot to set our alarms.

When we get home at 3:20 our mom said we had three days off. We were very tired so the first thing we did was take a nap before we played. When we woke up we asked what time it was and she said it was 7:30. We went to our room to play minecraft together and after about one hour our mom called us for supper.

We had shrimp potatoes and caesar salad and when we were done we went to bed but before we got to bed we had to do our business. At 2:00 am we turned off our movie to go to bed and I woke up at 8:00am and my brothers woke up at 10:25am. We made some bagels with butter on top for breakfast. And when we finished breakfast we made our mom some toast with cheese whiz on top because she got off work late. When she woke up she ate breakfast and got out of bed. Meanwhile me and my brothers were playing minecraft for around one hour before we went to have lunch. We had caesar salad and mushrooms. After lunch I went to take a shower.

And then I went to watch a movie with my brothers. ¨Took you long enough¨.
¨Be quiet wyatt. ¨Whatever.¨ When we finished the movie we bolted upstairs to play some minecraft. After about 30 minutes of playing we headed to bed. When I woke up, I made me and my brothers bagels with butter on top and when they woke up they came and asked me for more so I made four more but one for myself. When I was done I went to the living room and watched some netflix on my ipad.

After about an hour or two I noticed my ipad was low so I went to charge it. While it was charging I was watching netflix on my moms tv. When it was full I called my friend Ethan. We asked our moms if I could come to his house and they said yes but as long as we didn´t play too rough. So I bolted to his house and when I got there I was too tired to move but when I played a little I wasn’t tired anymore. We went bowling and played soccer and two hours later I went home for the weekend.

So to me my home is my where I´m safe. I think that everyone who works hard deserves a house like mine. I think it’s good that people like working at Habitat for Humanity because everyone needs a home.