Grade 6

British Columbia

Everyone Needs a Home

Everyone Needs a Home

A home is more than a roof, walls, and a floor,
A home is so much more.

It’s were my family laughs and plays,
It’s were we comfort each other on those sad days.

It’s a place you feel like you belong,
And a place you learn when you do something wrong.
If you are at home and you’ve had a bad day,
Your family will be there to make sure you’re okay.

I can’t see or hear the love my family gives,
But I can tell exactly where it lives.
It lives in my heart with all my family,
It follows us around happily.

It’s not the structure that’s what makes a home so great,
It’s the love and the memories that you create.

My family takes care of each other including me,
And that’s what’s great about my family, you see.
If I didn’t have them I don’t know what I would do,
I would need someone to love, but who?

A home is something you need,
It’s an amazing thing to have indeed.

Habitat for humanity helps people have somewhere to live,
Donating helps them to give.

Everyone need a place to go.
A home for your memoryies to grow.

Everyone needs a home.