Grade 5


Everyone Matters

Home to me is a place where everyone matters. And where I feel safe from snow, rain and other things. Everyone is there, my family, pets and sometimes cousins and grandparents. People comfort me and where all fears are gone where I am happy. I have a bed and blanket, food, water and have a place to do what I want. Home is a place where I have fun and where I have a room and a view of a beautiful lake.I go outside to play then come back and get warm and cozy Home is where I get to play outside, and in winter go sledding and in the fall jump in the leaves.
In summer I go to different countries like U.S.A and in the spring watch thunderstorms. In my home I also get to have my friends over and play with my brothers and sisters and play tag. My home is a place where all dreams come true and and everyone has a smile on there face. Everyone is involved and home is where I am loved. Home to me is where I can be myself and my talents are free. At home I am comfortable from bad storms and I can sleep in as long as I want on the non school days. I hope that this helps the people without homes to get homes because everyone matters.