Grade 6


Everyone deserves to know about home.

Where is safety? Where is happiness? Where is family? Where are friends? Where is the retreat we enter everyday? Where is the key to ending poverty? Where is the mythical place that we often don’t realize is needed by millions? The answer to all of those questions is ‘home’. Doesn’t matter if it’s rented, or it’s just an apartment, or house. A Home is a home. We don’t acknowledge it, but there are thousands who would do anything to take our place. They wait in hope every night. Morning. Day. Dusk. Night. They waited in hope in the past. They wait in hope in the present too. And they hope that they won’t have to hope in the future in hopes that their hope will have gotten them a home. The least we can do is hope for the souls who have not gotten their home yet. Outside they are, in broad cold, but they are bold, with many old. To them a home is worth gold, but even as they long for one, but our visions are blind to their hard work to try and earn a home. You and your home are an inseparable pair. You are the axe, home is the wood. You are the leaves, home is the tree. You are the bee, and home is the flower. You are the tower and home is the bricks. You are the chick and home is the egg. Home is the peg and you are the pirate. You don’t see it, but you have been touched by evident safety. Home is a sweet, touching giant against the evils of others. We need more homes, because others need these biomes. Homes are helpful, harmonic, and happy-go-lucky, they are really willing to share their positivity to a soul like you.