Grade 6

British Columbia

Everyone Deserves a Home

It’s important for young and old,
To have a place to call their own.

For me, home is a place to play, stay safe, and have a good day.
Sometimes when I feel lonely, I go home and get nice and cozy.
I grab a book, watch TV, go to sleep safely, and do what I please.

Some people don’t have a home like that, it’s sad, some can’t even afford a hat.

From young, to old, this problem grows, more and more as the time goes.
It’s our job to recognize the people on the streets are just trying to stay alive.

Everyday, people try and try to get off the streets, and get on with their lives.

It’s important to know that some people don’t have a home like you,
and no one deserves that, no one it’s true.