Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

Everyone Deserves a Home

Everyone Deserves A Home

When I come back home from school, first l hug my great dog who starts to bark with excitement. Home is where I can relax and be myself. At home, I love to touch my amazing dog and cool stuffies. I smell dinner being prepared in the kitchen. I hope for raclette and spot prawns. Home is a place where my friends play with me and we have fun together. I’m grateful for having a home, where my cousins and family can visit. We sometimes travel together to Salt Spring Island.

When I see homeless people on the streets I feel sad that they don’t have a home that is cozy and warm like mine. I think, “What about people who don’t have a home?” Where will they sleep, eat or relax? They will have no place to cook their favourite meals like my parents do. Where do they relax and put their stuff? They don’t have a backyard to grow plants, vegetables or fruits. Maybe there are no family members around for them. They deserve a home.

I think everyone deserves a home. A place to be safe and secure. It can be big or small, and maybe have pets? One or two. And some books to read where knowledge is from. It would be nice if there was a big couch, where everyone could fit. A place to chat, share laughter and memories.
Everyone deserves a home, a place where they can be safe and secure like me.

By: Will