Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

Everyone Deserves A Home


When I come home I think how lucky I am.
I have such a fantastic home and a big amazing fam.

When I come home after Monday night Guides I get into my bunk bed.
I think of people who can’t go home and maybe who were not fed.

When I come home and see my family working hard to get everything done.
They welcome me with love and my brother and I have fun.

When I come home I go to my favourite room, the living room.
It is comfy and relaxing, a place where l can sit and lie down, or dance and go “zoom.”

When I come I’m filled with memories from trips like when l went to Mexico for a year.
There were different kinds of houses and some people living in fear.

When I come home I sometimes hear my sister making a big fuss.
If our neighbors hear they don’t mind because they’re kind to us.

When l come home after a rough day of school my moms help me get through it.
They comfort me and plan something fun using my Fit Bit.

When I come home to share good news.
My family is happy for me and listen to my reviews.

When I come home I think about how everyone should have a home like mine.
I hope someday that everyone has a home that is just fine.

By Abby D.