Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Everyone Deserves a Home

I wrote this poem because everyone deserves a home.
You should feel lucky because some people aren’t
If you have somewhere to feel warm and at home in your heart.
When I get home
I see things that
Fill me with joy
I see toys and friends and family that are all kind.
I wish everyone had a place to feel this happy inside.
Home is a place where you can get food
so always have a good attitude.
You can always have a warm place to sleep
and have things to keep.
You can get something to drink
But you have to think not everyone has all this stuff
and they are so tough.
To everyone who is waiting out in the cold
there is a home for you waiting to be sold.
Home is a place where you can learn
so don’t be concerned.
I love home and this poem is for people that don’t have a home.