Grade 5


Everyone Deserves a Home

Did you ever want to keep your home soooo healthy and clean that you tried LOTS of things but most of them didn’t make your body healthy? Well maybe I can help with that. Just read or listen to what I have to say in this writing about my HOME.
I live in my home, my body, and my community and my body takes care of me and my family.To start I take care of my BODY by eating healthy things like fruits and veggies. Also, I keep my emotions by listening to music and taking deep breaths. That’s how my body stays healthy.
Furthermore, I will ALWAYS live in my body but NOW I’m talking about my house. I live in a house and it’s in my community and it’s made out of TONS of love. I share my home with my mom, my sisters, and my dog Sadie.
Finally my community has my AWESOME fun school and that is my home along with my body. BUT there is more! There are AMAZING cool places and things to see like other people’s houses, parks, Ross House, and Barber House. OH, a cool fact is if you go to the park on Barber street you can get to the Human Rights Museum! Those things keep my community healthy and interesting and also so exciting to live in or move in!
So that’s how you can keep YOUR body, home, and community healthy and VERY happy even if you don’t live in North Point Douglas. OH yeah, and I’ve learned that ANYONE should have a home and community and everyone could keep it healthy or at least try to. If you don’t, you won’t be happy or healthy and trust me those feelings are REALLY amazing feelings to feel. And it is healthy to learn new things for your mind, so PLEASE try those things to stay healthy and have good emotions! Try to keep those in mind! Try to memorize all the ways to stay happy and healthy!