Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

Everyone deserves a home

Everyone deserves a place to stay,
A place to rest and lay,
A place where you feel safe,
A place where you get a warm embrace,
A place where your neighbours are nice,
A place where you’re not cold on winter nights.

It saddens me to say,
That not everyone has a place to stay,
Not everyone feels warm,
On cold winter nights,
Not everyone has a house made of bricks,
But instead they’re made of sticks.

Everyone deserves a place to live,
Oh for what they’d give,
A place to celebrate special holidays,
A place to make special memories,
That’ll last for decades to come,
A place to escape your fears,
A place to have game night,

With your friends and family,
A place where it’s safe to be YOU,
A place to learn new skills,
A place where you have 3 meals a day.

You should be accepted for you,
You should feel safe in your own home,
You shouldn’t feel scared in your home,
Everyone deserves a safe space,
Everyone deserves a home,
I hope one day everybody has a home,
Where the love never ends.