Grade 4


Everyone Deserves a Home

Everyone Deserves A Home
By Nadiya Parlee

Everybody deserves a home
It does not matter
a family or if you’re alone
Life is not always fair
But you should know that
someone will always care

From the floor to the roof
You can always can remember your dogs woof
I know that my home is always safe
But I remember to have some faith

You can remember your favourite memories
Though some have happened in the last couple centuries
You know that you are loved
You know that you will never be unloved

The warmth and love I feel when I am home
And when I go to grab my comb
I feel like I’m lucky
Especially when I take a bath with a bright yellow ducky

I love my family
It sometimes I feel like it’s a fantasy
But I know that it is not
And that is why I love them alot

From the love that you can spread
There are still some things unsaid
Everyone deserves a home
It doesn’t matter if you’re a family or alone.