Grade 5


Everyone Deserves a home

Many people around the world have a home but some don’t. My home is much more than just a place to keep all of my belongings. To me a home is somewhere to go after school or when I am coming back from the park. My home is a place to keep cozy on a cold snowy day. Where my family eats their meals and comes together to talk about our day. My home is where I sleep, wake up and get ready for the day. A place where we make memories and play with friends.

One out of seven Canadians don’t know where they will end up every night but they know it won’t be in a home with a warm bed, wrapped up in thick blankets and a your favourite mystery book on the night table. When I see people on the street it makes me curious. It makes me wonder about their story. It makes me wonder if they have ever experienced a comfortable home. But then I think maybe, just maybe, living on the streets is their home and their happy place. Because everyone’s home comes in different shapes and sizes.

So when I get back to my beautiful home after a day of having so much fun and realize how lucky I am with a home. When I think about how lucky we are. That is when I know that I wouldn’t trade my home and my family for absolutely anything. I know that one day every Canadian will have a place they call home. It may be an apartment or their parents’ basement but it will be home.