Grade 6

British Columbia

Everyone Deserves a Home

Every person in the world deserves to have a home to be loved in. The meaning of home to me is a place to have fun with anything or anyone. You can have fun with dogs, cats, family, friends, and a lot of other things. To feel like you’re at home, all you need is friends or family so you don’t feel alone. When times are tough, you always have someone to look out for you at home. The meaning of home does not mean you are just under a shelter or in a house, it means you feel safe and loved.
Everyone deserves a home to live in. This is why we need to help others, and stand up for the people who don’t have a home. This is why sharing the meaning home is important to me. Everyone in the world should have a place to call home, and that is why we need to make a difference by helping others find a home.