Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

Everyone Can Have a Home Somewhere

There is one thing that I can’t live without, and that is my Home. A home is not just a place you live it’s a place that you connect with. How? You ask. Well I once heard a saying that says, “The home is where the heart is.” What I understand from this is that you can’t live in a place that you don’t feel like your heart feels better. As in, your heart, your soul should feel like there is no place that you would rather be.
A home is different for everyone. Whether you’re big or small, you have a home. Maybe this home is a literal home like walls, doors, a roof or it could be a metaphor. For example, it could be a place that you have a connection to. For me, my home is a place that I feel safe, loved, and cared for. For me, it’s my family that’s my home: my mom, my dad, sister one, sister two, sister three, sister four, and last but not least my mom is pregnant with sister five. I love them so much. There is my mom, who is nice and helps me to learn and grow. Now my dad, he may look tough but he is always up for a hug. Then we have sister one, Rachel, who is a tough cookie but once you crack her she is so sweet. Now here is the thing with sister two, Jaclyn (AKA: Jack) she can really be annoying sometimes but I can’t live without her. Now for the queen of the castle sister three: Oh Adina! Adina, what should I say about her? Well for one she is so cute, secondly she is so cute. Last but definitely not least sister four: I am so excited for this baby!!!
All in all, home is a place you are supposed to feel good, happy, and cared for. I love my home so much. Even if you feel like there is no place that you would feel at home right now, someday there will be. That is the job of Habitat For Humanity. They give a home to people who might not have one. I hope that one day everyone in the world will have a home to call their’s.