Grade 4


Everybody’s favourite place to be, Home

My home, the best place, it’s the best place in the universe. It can where you are secure, loved and very welcomed. You have many your people like your family, pets and friends. I always feel cozy, sleepy and exhilarated to be home. I make millions of memories with my sister, my dog, 2 loving parents and 2 loving grandparents. I always have fresh food and water from my family and from god, and sometimes get treats. I am always grateful of electricity because I stay warm in the cold and get entertained. I am free of doing whatever I want to do at home and no one can stop[ me. I can never be bored, I will always be excited and and i will be loved and I will also love it. I will always have someone or something to protect from anything in the world. Everybody will agree that home is the best place to be whenever you are bored or alone.