Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Everybody Loves Home

Everybody loves home ,right? Well I do! I am very grateful for what I have. I live in a very great house with tons of food. Home is a blessing to have. People should be grateful for a home because they have a place to stay clean to sleep and they also have TONS of food. I love my home. It feels loving to me! And special. Home is the best place ever. I love everything in my home. I love my whole house. Houses are really nice. So remember homes are what keeps you dry when its raining and keeps you warm and keeps you from getting Covid or from getting sick and always remember to be grateful for the things you have. Some parents don’t have a lot of money because they lost their jobs, but my parents didn’t and I’m thankful for that. Remember to social distance so that you don’t get Covid 19 and this is my home writing.