Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

Everybody Has a Home

Everybody has a home
My name is Shai Wizman. I’m a student in grade 6.
To me a home is where you live and a house is a
structure you have built for you. There is furniture and very comfortable idioms. A Home can’t always be a house because there is homeless people that live on the streets and that’s there home so that’s one of the things that’s different between a house and a home If you didn’t know now you do. So you should start treating people the way they deserve to be treated because at the end of the day they have the same rights as you.

Another difference between a home and house is a house is the place you enjoy but a home not everybody enjoys because there home could be on the streets or they could be living around cardboard. So just be kind to other people just stop being mean. I promise it’s very easy and all of you can do it, you guys know that. It’s just not everybody wants to be kind and nice but don’t be one of those people. It will all work out and there will be peace between one and another for once and for all. It’s very important to respect everybody around you. Everybody has a home but not everybody has a house. You should think of that.

In conclusion just be kind to others and I promise
it will work out just fine and your doing a very nice thing. Being kind could never hurt you.If you do everything I told you then I promise everything will work and everybody can be happy. That’s a promise I intend to keep.