Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Every Single Soul Needs a Home

Home is special, it’s like no other place.

Home is where I taste.
Home is where I listen.
Home is where I smell.
Home is where I use my two eyes.
Home is where I touch.

Home is safe, it’s not just any place.
I don’t know what I would do without a home.
Home is the best, better than any other place.
I will always love home and there is no way that thought could change.

Every single soul needs a home, including you,
and don’t forget all of those homeless people too.
When the day is over everyone wants to go to their house.
The problem is, homeless people don’t have a house.
This problem is very serious, it’s sad to say.
What can we do about this problem you say?
We can donate today, hopefully we can put a smile on their face