Grade 6


Every Home is Special

Every Home is Special

To me this is called home

A place you are safe and free to roam

Rectangular walls or square walls

A roof, maybe even a dome

Humans take a lot for granted

People create straw huts

And cries for shelter are being chanted

Next time your house floods

Think of people in need

Of what you can give back

And not have any greed

I’m very thankful for my home

Sometimes I give to charity

Thinking about people

Asking for money without any clarity

Every home is unique

Never be hateful

The people in need of a roof

Will always be grateful

A home is your loved ones

Like puzzle pieces

Being rude to them

Will just cause bad diseases

A house is made with bolts and beams

A home is made with love and dreams!

Always be happy for what you’ve got

Habitat for Humanity give families another shot.