Grade 5


Every home is a special home

Every home is a special home

Every house is a special home where you have family.

I have family so when I am sad they make me happy.

When I am doubtful they encourage me.

When I am eating dinner they listen to my stories about my day no matter how much I talk.

They help me with my homework.

And they will play with me when I am lonely.

All this happens in a HOME but imagine if you had no home. No place to sit down and do homework,eat dinner at the table and talk about your day. Not being able to walk into a place of peace, and be able to sleep on a nice warm bed in a nice warm house. Imagine the people out sleeping in the cold world on the cold ground.

A home is a part of your life and childhood.

You miss out on a lot when you do not have a home like the





And a place of peace where you can sit down get comfy and relax and feel happy.

Also you are safe and comforted.

That is what home means to me and everyone no matter who they are no matter what choices they made everyone should still have a HOME.