Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Enter Creative Name Bout’ Home

Home according by: Me (I tried
Home written by: also, Me Yes shocking I know)

Home to me is a sturdy place of which you trust even if it isn’t the best place it is still home. Yes, home can be a house but it is always somewhere you can go whether that be the comfort of your house, or a small clearing in the woods. Home can be anything from prison to a flower bed atop a cliff. It is somewhere of escape or enclosure it can be safe it can be dangerous but it is always somewhere you can go -legally or illegally- it is some place that you have some form of attachment to, home isn’t always somewhere with family, instead is somewhere with yourself.

Home is always -in my sight- like this but others may not see it as versatile, or as plain as I do. Others may see it as somewhere with a TV, bed and other similar variants of comfort or entertainment.

This is a plain, simple document but of great importance to our life. Not exactly this thing but instead it is the idea, the value of remembering and the memories of where or what you know.