Grade 6


Empathy for a Home

My home is the place it starts. Home is where I feel loved. Home is happiness. Home is love. Home is patience. Home is fun. Home can be where some sadness is. Home is everything
While people cry to get their own room, families cry for even one room. Some people work hard, with all their heart, just to get to the start. Some people live on the streets, while others have space they don’t need. You have heat, and shelter. Some sit there in the cold weather, and watch you welter. “ One man’s trash is another’s treasure” they say. Have you ever thought about that, when you ask for a bigger home? Home isn’t about size, it’s about where you spend time with family and make your memories rise. Some people don’t have homes, so have some empathy and show you care. People want a house in despair. A home is everything they would want. A home is anything anyone would want. A home is not just wood and brick, A home is memories.
A home is love <3