Grade 6


Emotions Contained Inside My Home

Home is a special place,
Where everyone feels safe,
Where emotions come flying out,
Like flying arrows that shoot through the sky.

The relief has struck you,
It washes you away,
Gifting you a dreamful view,
Which no one can erase.

Every emotion comes with another
Happiness comes with sadness,
Success comes with regrets,
But the love you spread is like warmth,
Radiating away the blues.

Wavering grass beside you,
Sparkling birds fly above you,
Sprinkling calmness around you
With the feelings of the ones you love,
Contained inside your heart.

It’s like a shelter,
Keeps you safe from harm,
What lies outside these doors,
Is something you don’t seek

You explore your heart,
Digging through the endless memories,
The ones you love,
Are crystal clear,
The bad memories are like needles,
Flakes of scratched plastic,
That pierce the heart.

The birds are humming outside these doors,
The music fills the silence
Like a ball that shatters the walls
Laughter breaks through the halls,
And joy fills the heart.

Your home is something that
No one can take away.