Grade 5



By Adam
“It takes hands to build a house but only hearts can build a home” At my old school it didn’t feel like a home, but this school is better because I understand what the teacher is saying (most of the time) and it’s much easier, the teacher is much less hard on me too.
About two years ago this started, my dad had a drinking problem, my mother and father fought verbally and that led to my mother smashing a bottle of alcohol and my mother made us eat and sleep in her room some days, and then my parents got a divorce, when they got a divorce, my dad left and moved in with his mom and took our dog and we only got to sometimes see him, eventually he went to prison to get help with his drinking habits and then I don’t know why but he went to the hospital.
Eventually my mom found a boyfriend from Quebec named Danick. Now I just miss when after my bedtime and I would sneak downstairs and watch a movie with my parents…
Now I feel safe sitting on my chair in the basement playing Roblox. In my last school I was bullied, they said “Adam come play _____ with us” then when I did play with them, they would bully me. Home is where the heart is. To me that means home is where I sleep.