Grade 5


Double the Memories

For me, home is many different things because I have two of them, but I think that’s good because you get double the memories. Home is where you have the best time with family and friends and make great memories but a house is just walls, a roof and a floor. A home is a fun place where you and your family come together and have fun. A home is a place where you wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with a smile on your face knowing your family is there for you. Home is a very special place, and many people probably have many memories of their home. A house is just walls, a floor, and a roof and they don’t contain any memories. A house is just a place a person is living in and doesn’t share any memories with the person. My home is special to me because I have many memories and special foods. I also have rooms in my home that contain good memories, and some contain bad ones but my room is my most favorite room because it’s my safe room, to get away from my annoying siblings.
Home is a very important place for everyone; it’s a place to get away and feel safe.