Grade 6

Bell Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

Don’t be Sad

The meaning of home to me is a place where you could feel safe, loved and always cared for. Home is a place you could turn to if you are having trouble or in a situation where you are not as happy as usual. Home is a wonderful place, a place where there’s privacy, love, and family…. Home should be a place where you feel you can get all of your emotions out. Home should be a place where you are safe. Unfortunately home is not the same when someone you care about is absent, you could get all the love in the world there, but if someone you care for is not there for a long time eventually you can grow a gap in your heart that cannot be fulfilled unless they are there again. You might get a stepfather or mother, but it still isn’t the same unless they are really there with you. Your other parents may love you alot and so can the stepparent, but it doesn’t matter, you are still in a dark cold place if that parent you haven’t seen in a long time, tells you they will show up but it ends up to be a lie. When someone at home is absent, it feels like you are somehow alone. Even though your parents, step parents or siblings may love you, that parent far from home is not there fully. It’s not the same without them. They might still love you, but they are not there to love you. They are not there to help you. If that special family member dies, it’s even worse. Deep inside you know they are not there for you even if they love you. Even though their not there they still love you, so don’t be sad.