Grade 6


Do I Have Enough?

Do I Have Enough?

Waking up each morning going
Downstairs to the smell of fresh muffins
And having a glass of cold milk refreshing to my dry throat
Thinking and appreciating having enough
Knowing you are safe

Going to bed each night
Having mom tucking me in
As we say our good night ritual
Knowing I am loved
Knowing I am wanted

Coming home after a long day at school
Knowing you are going to a place
Where people care
You are warm and safe
Sitting by the blazing hot fire

Playing table games with your family
Challenging them to Uno Flip and
Laughing during Machi Koro

Making pizza every Saturday night
Then cuddling up to watch a movie
Or shows you were too busy
To watch during the week

At the end of the day
Even when you’ve had a bad day
You know you are safe
You are loved
I have enough