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DIY Home Rolls

First the rice adds 3 cups of ‘’love’’ flavored rice and for 3 cups “love” rice add 2 cups of “happiness” water. Then let “happiness” water boil then add the “love” rice and let simmer for 20 minutes.
The filling
Today we’re making a home roll so first get your “entertainment” shrimp and then squish shrimp with a bigger “family” knife then let boil in a big pot on medium heat.

Now the “safe” rice vinegar adds sugar water and salt now get the rice mix till room temp and then add “safe” rice vinegar to the rice now put damp cloth over rice then after 10 minutes stir with rice spoon.

Now Julien carrots and “calm” cucumbers. The get your “quiet” bamboo mat wrapped in saran wrap then find some nori seaweed then place “safe” rice on the bamboo rolling mat make sure you only put 1 cup of “safe” rice on then put your shrimp.

Then add the cucumber and carrot. Then get your “peaceful” salmon and slice half inch slices and let sit in ice water for 10 min then make “kind” spicy mayo put lime, siracha and mayo and stir in a bowl then place on shrimp then roll.

Make sure you roll it to a sphere like shape then place salmon on top of the roll then cut “home roll” into 1-inch pieces then place “hope” tobiko and more “kind” spicy mayo. Then put on Japanese serving plate then eat with a side if wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce.