Grade 5


Different Voices of Home

Everyone has their own dreams of home and everyone has a voice. I want to know what other people think, so I have asked all the closest people in my life to give their opinions. My teacher feels that home is a place where you are respected, where you can be yourself, where you feel safe and at peace.

My best friend Dara noticed that many people ask, ‘Where is home?’ Home is where you are around people who love you. At home, you have fresh water and food and someone who can comfort you when you’re sad.

My mom said that question is complicated for a member of the Canadian Forces. She said home is where my loved ones and my family are and it is always warm, loving and safe. My dad’s perspective is that home is where the family is. My brother Alex’s idea of home is a place where you’re safe, you can have fun, where you can be alone and feel comfortable.

Next we have my thoughts of home. I believe it’s not just a place with your family, it’s a place with every single person who cares about you. Everyone who respects you and where you can be yourself not care about what other people think. A place to be quiet, a place to be peaceful, a place to be loved and a place that’s special to you.

But what would it be like if someone didn’t have a home? I imagine that it would feel kind of lonely and depressing. Not being able to come home to a warm safe, to not have soft blankets to snuggle up in at night time. No calm, quiet place to settle down in, no cozy jackets to keep you warm in the winter and no family to come for you when you’re feeling down. That’s why I wrote this, to help those people who don’t have a home to sleep in.