Grade 5

British Columbia

Detention For You!

Lilly was surprised at her brother. Jack had never before ran into her room without her permission. Jack was a cute little boy who was kinda a goody-two-shoes. But lately he had been spending way too much time with Sawyer, who wasn’t good for him! First, he taught poor Jack to talk back to his teacher. Then to steal the ball from the kindergarteners at lunch break. But this was TOO FAR. Sneaking in her room was not only unacceptable, it was downright WRONG. And recording her writing in her diary to show Sawyer was *gasp* noogie-worthy. It was like Sawyer gave him HOMEWORK to infuriate her! The next day at school Jack snuck into the teacher’s desk to retrieve a whoopie cushion he had previously used on his E.A. in class. After the break, a quiet girl in Jack’s class sat down and it went off. Jack was in detention for an hour! Jack had taken it too far… but he didn’t stop! The next day, he brought a firecracker to school and set it off with Sawyer at recess break. A girl in Lilly’s class had seen the smoke and set the fire alarm off. The school evacuated and found Sawyer and Jack missing. Two teachers went to the field to find them hiding in the bushes behind the gate! They were suspended for a week. They asked Jack to see a therapist and find out what happened with the GOOD KID Jack. The Therapist said Sawyer was a really bad influence. Well, DUH!