Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

Definition of Home

Definition of Home
Home. What comes to your mind when you say the word Home? Some might say it’s where they grow up, some might say it’s where they live, some might say it’s just a box with a roof. But to me, it’s more than what you think. To me a home is more than just a box with a triangle roof, it is where I grew up, it is where I learned to talk, walk, write, eat, and that’s where my family lives. To me, home is everywhere, where my family is there is home. Home is permanent unless you move once a year like me and the longest I ever live in a house is 5 years or something. So when you get in an argument with someone in your family and you want to get out of the house, remember to think about all those homeless people out in the street, sleeping on the sidewalk thinking about a permanent home. There are approximately 235 thousand people who are homeless in Canada. Also, don’t leave your home because of some argument because you might regret it because of one reason, no matter how much you love your Mom or your Dad or someone in your family, it is very unlikely that you will see them again. So remember, if you ever got in an argument, don’t ever step out of your home!