Grade 5


Definition of Home

Home. A home is a cozy warm place that can never be taken away. A home is an awesome welcoming place that is like a dream in reality. A home is a safe place to do anything you’d ever want. A home is a beautiful loving place that keeps you warm and safe no matter what.

A home is a place to make memory’s and make you worry less about food,water and any needs. Homes make you have better day’s knowing that you have somewhere to stay and a place for sleeping. A home is like a dream if you don’t have one then you get one and then you get one and people with home will never understand what it feels like to be given one.

A home is like a shelter that you love and care about. A home is something that protects you from rain or storm. With a home no matter what i will love you and you will love it. A home will protect you like a shield of warmth. A home is what you need